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my twenty-fifth birthday looks.

Let me start this post off by saying how thankful and blessed I feel going into this new age. I've been looking forward to turning 25 since my 22nd birthday, lol. I've pre- claimed this year as my peak- so get ready!

I know, we're here to talk outfits- so let's get into some looks.

I bought in my new year of life with an all black dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans. I wanted something intimate, sexy and chill to kick off a weekend of non-stop fun. If you know me then you know that a oversized blazer is typically my go-to outfit for dinner celebrations but i needed something different this year...


I wanted something to show off my body that i've been working hard on (and even harder on to love) during this pandemic. I seen this dress and instantly fell in love with it's sex appeal. The mesh under dress and netting top layer was something I never seen on my timeline before- and THAT made me really love it.

I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself this year to 'look flossy'...this year was all about feeling it, ya know?

My glam squad delivered! They gave me sex appeal and floss all at the same damn time. Fun fact: I was terrified to die my hair this shade of pink but my cousin insisted and damn-just damn! This new color really took me from a dime to a quarter, lol!


Here's the part to take notes on:

My skin tone undress was from skims and you can find it here. My dress was from kirikiri. My shoes were a last minute find from forever21, but here's a cuter dupe for them .My jewelry is all vintage Juicy Couture. Lastly, my purse was a gift for my birthday last year that I finally got to wear this year. Here you go!

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